Our style is very natural and relaxed, with a Fine Art feel. We know weddings inside out, so we know all of the key moments to expect and capture but we also know how to seek out those special candid moments. that really show the essence of your day.

We know how important it is to capture the more traditional group photos of your family and friends and so we always allocate time for this. We also believe it’s really important to spend some time with just the two of you creating some romantic couples photographs. But we don’t want to turn your day into a photo-shoot – your wedding is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other with all of your friends and family, and so we rarely ask for more than an hour for photographs.

On a typical Half Day of wedding photography you will receive 300-500 photographs. On a Full Day's wedding photography you can normally expect to receive between 400 - 800 photographs. There are no limits - if we take more then you will get more - we don't hold any back.

We give you all of the photos that we don't discard. This doesn't mean that we give you every single photograph we take as many are duplications and test shots. We will often shoot several photos where only one will be used. There are always times when people are blinking or pulling strange faces and so we don’t include those in your final story.

All of your photographs come with full print rights. You can share them with friends and family however and wherever you like and are welcome to choose where to get them printed. Our online gallery has a number of print options which you and your guests can use, and they can download their favourites free of charge. You can also use the USB stick to get prints, and canvasses made and even design your own album.

Every single one of your photographs will be edited in our own, unique style, with special attention given to each image individually – you can find out more about this in our post production section below.

The online gallery will usually be ready within 8 - 10 weeks of the wedding date (although this can be up to 12 weeks during peak-wedding season). We’ll let you know after the wedding what date you can expect to receive your photographs.


Great photography doesn't just involve having the right equipment and having an eye for catching a moment. Post production plays a hugely important role in our wedding photography process and in the final look of your wedding photos.

On average, each wedding we photograph has around 20-30 hours of post production work completed before you ever see your photos. We take great pride in the attention to detail that we pay when editing your photographs, in order to ensure they have a consistent look and feel across the whole day, as well to as to make sure each and every photograph looks its absolute best.

We have a four-stage process for editing every wedding we photograph.


Our photography has a Fine Art look to it, which is also modern, light and airy. We have a very specific way of editing our photographs to give them our unique, signature look and we apply this to all photographs before we start editing them.


Next, we go through each photograph to apply basic post processing edits – this includes colour correction, exposure, highlights and shadows adjustments, tweaking the saturation, contrast and clarity to name just a few! This is done on a photo-by-photo basis to really optimize each individual photograph. It is during this stage that we’ll make decisions on whether the photograph would benefit from being converted to black and white.


Some photographs require further work in Photoshop. This may be to remove clutter and distracting items in the background (things like plug sockets, fire exit signs, fire extinguishers etc.). We always try to ensure the photographs we take are clutter free when we take them as it saves a lot of time, but sometimes this isn’t feasible and we can work to correct this in post production. We’ll also crop and straighten any photographs that may need it. This can be quite a lengthy process and we only do this where the photograph warrants the special attention


The final step is beauty retouching, particularly in close ups. Good lighting and pin sharp photographs can sometimes show up minor flaws that you can’t necessarily see in real-life. Make-up does a great job in the first instance, and then we step in to correct the rest. We take great care to reduce blemishes, acne, wrinkles, eye bags and even out skin tone without anyone ever knowing that we have done any work. We can even take out double chins or correct those unfortunate dress slip instances! The most important aspect for us is to ensure that you look exactly like you, only at your very best.

Here are a few examples of before and after photographs from recent weddings.


This was a beautiful wedding on the North Devon coast, taken just before sunset. The light was fading fast, and in order to ensure Jenny & Rich were well-exposed, it meant that the sky was very white, not at all how it was in real life. The sky was amazing shades or orange, blue and purple.
We wanted to capture a natural look that really showed the colours of the day exactly as they were seen by eye, and we didn’t want to use flash, as we wanted to keep the couple looking natural and show the moment exactly as it was. During the post production process we were able to bring the sky back to life just by tweaking the levels – this is exactly how the sky looked on the day.


This photograph of our bride’s dress being fastened was lovely, but we had quite a few similar shots and we felt this one would look stunning in black and white. It’s not just a simple case of just clicking a button to turn the photo black and white. We then tweak the levels even further to make the best of black and white photography.
Here we have the original photograph, how it looked with a simple black and white conversion, and the final product with additional black and white specific editing.


We loved this photograph of a gorgeous little flower girl, but we felt it would benefit from a clean, clutter free background, which wasn’t available on the day.
We spent time in post production removing the distracting items in the background and ended up with a gorgeous, clean and fresh image.


Even the most beautiful bride can benefit from a little bit of beauty re-touching, as sometimes the camera can catch minor flaws that aren’t visible to the naked eye.
We evened out our bride’s skin tone, and reduced any blemishes or lines/wrinkles. The overall effect is subtle and natural. It can be used to drastically reduce spots, bruises and wrinkles without looking photoshopped.